Game Theory

Hi folks,

Here we are going to learn the basics of the game theory. Prerequisites to go through this guide lines are just only the INTENTION and a bit of INTUITION. This is a place where you can learn from the scratch. Just follow the tutorials and go through the worked examples. You can become a very good dummy,who can think logically about any gaming environment,just after the first series of tutorial. You'll go into deep, in the second series of tutorial. 



First of all  don't expect to work with game developing tools, graphics or any fancies that comes to your mind when you hear the word GAME. This is not GAME DEVELOPMENT. This is GAME THEORY. :( Don't cry now.

Don't be frustrated. True that the graphic designers do a good job in game developing. But it is the ability of the game designers who use these theories to build up the game concept, which make a game more unique and powerful. If you want to become a good game developer, I prefer studying these theories while learning graphic designing and all in your free times. :)

Most importantly, don't focus only on game developing, because of the suffix "game". Game theory is mostly a deep mathematical concept, which has, logic, probability and statistics as the principal concepts. This subject matter is used in every field, to take decisions, specially in economics, intelligent systems and sports. In short, finally you'll find that Game Theory is another name for economics. All the theories that is used in economics today, descend from the basic theories, which are presented here for you to learn. So learn it, and become a good economist.

"Life is all about economics."

Well, someone said that. So you are going to learn the  life. Believe me or not, I felt that feeling and I thoroughly believe (spiritually) it. :)

So guys,its time to get start it. Just click on the links and go on. Always feel free to ask any question or to give suggestions and criticisms. I highly appreciate that.

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