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This is all about the Visual Studio .NET that is developed by Microsoft Cooperation. It is an excellent IDE which supports you in programming. It can be introduced as a set of tools which is used to develop ASP Web applications, XML Web services, desktop applications, and mobile applications.It has very powerful set of APIs. The programming languages supported here are Visual Basic .NET, Visual C++ .NET, Visual C# .NET, and Visual J# .NET. All of these share tools and facilitates in the creation of mixed-language solutions. 

You can have a good introduction here.

No doubt that Visual Studio.NET is one of the best powerful IDE, which is providing any resource you need to develop professional, enterprise or other software systems. Lot of professionals over the world use this as their main Development Environment. It has one of the best powerful community over the world. What ever the problem you have,  you can ask them and find the easiest solution in seconds. All what you have to do is Google for your problem. 

Feel free to ask  any problem, here also. I guarantee that I'll do my best for you.

While all the above mentioned benefits are there, you may be afraid or dislike to hear that this is not open-source, specially if you are a fan of open-source.


If you going to be an entrepreneur this is the best place to start. Because the newcomers find it easy to work with Visual Studio.NET. You mention any functionality, method, resource to do any thing, when you think that it is good if you have such an "method like thing", that will do work for you, believe me!!!!! It is there already. When you go up, rather than following what this magical studio has, you'll dig into the theories  and find out many things and ways to do many new things. Academically speaking you have the chance to get into the deep and touch all the important deep theories, which sometimes go to the hardware level. Truly, when you go up you need to be an master in the programming and fundamentals of the field. The benefit of using Visual is that it'll lead you from a dummy to a master.

Most important thing is the clients of you, who uses or buy software systems from you, believe in the technology you have used. When you say that you have used, Microsoft Visual Studio in developing their software or web applications,they highly appreciate it, because of the high reputation it has earned over the years in the field. This will be a huge plus when you try to come out as a new entrepreneur in the field.

Of-course you can get started for free here.

So let's begin it. I hope you'll find all of these materials useful to get start with this and become a good professional in the field. I'll explain the theories behind every thing. But first I'll make you able to do some useful work using this.

  • First of all you have to install the newest version of Visual Studio.NET. Having Windows in your PC is the only prerequisite you have to have. Go and follw the instructions here, to  start it free.
Here you can find tutorials for all the  devlopment fields mentioned above. Just click on the link and start it as you wish.

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